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富贵山庄福壽園 (骨灰墓地) Nirvana Burial Plot For Urn

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富贵山庄福壽園 (骨灰墓地) Nirvana Burial Plot For Urn 福地 Burial Plot (巴生福地) 富贵山庄福壽園 (骨灰墓地) Nirvana Burial Plot For Urn 福地 Burial Plot (巴生福地) 富贵山庄福壽園 (骨灰墓地) Nirvana Burial Plot For Urn 福地 Burial Plot (巴生福地) 富贵山庄福壽園 (骨灰墓地) Nirvana Burial Plot For Urn 福地 Burial Plot (巴生福地)


豎立于極樂安息之地,莊嚴慈祥的西方三聖- 南無阿彌陀佛、南無觀世音菩薩及南無大勢至菩薩,普渡逝者往生極樂世界,庇佑後人平安吉祥。清靈庇佑的聖像散發的濃郁慈悲氣息籠罩了整個墓園,引導衆生入 菩萨愿海,解救衆生脫離苦海,普獲身心寧靜,達到心靈的祥和,寧靜自在的心境。

In year 2010, Nirvana a newly developed zone, namely Zone D was specially developed as a burial plot for urn.  It is a place for those cremated and their remains meant for burial.  Zone D sets a peaceful environment, with an individual space for the praying convenience of family members and relatives. This is the largest burial plot for urn in Malaysia which is exclusively designed to meet the market’s needs.

Man and Nature in Perfect Harmony

Nirvana Memorial Park presents itself in a very orderly manner with landscaping inspired by its natural surroundings. Picturesque and tranquil, it soothes the soul and warms the heart. For the departed, it is simply an idyllic final resting place to rest in peace. For the living, it fosters prosperity generation after generation.

For added peace of mind and convenience, the memorial park is diligently managed through a systematic and comprehensive maintenance support with modern facilities, wide paved roads and ample parking spaces.

It also comes with a variety of burial plot choices, which include royal family, family, double and single plots, with different tomb designs catering to the needs of the Buddhists, Taoists, Christian and others.



匯聚天地之靈氣,襯托出一幅祥和靜穆氛圍, 此寶地具有山川凝聚的龍脈氣魄,上址左右龍虎手環抱,氣聚中州,是為“藏風聚氣”格局,顯赫先人,光造後裔,即富則貴,生生不息。

Fine Craftsmanship alongside Eminent Glory

Every personalized design connotes a different story worth being immortalized. It is likened to a beautiful poem bearing an eternal magnificence. Here, you are greeted with fond memories revolving around the hobbies, personalities and characteristics of your loved ones. Through the beauty of art, the cherished glory of your loved ones comes alive instantly in this highly treasured Pure Land.

Bask in the glory of your ancestors and be proud of their achievements for their immortality just lives on.

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